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    Arrow Maximum MTU setting??
    This is the culprit to all my hotmail/ftp/etc problems. The trouble is I have no idea what it does, what it means or where I can change it.

    I really need help as after googling it nothing makes sense and few places use proper english to explain the situation. :confused:

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    well I can tell you it stands for maximum transmissible unit and that means the largest packet of data that your computer can recieve/send at once, people usually set a low one for gaming (as with gaming, packets are frequent and small) while a large one is used for downlooads (as a large packet requires less header packets overall, thus less overall bandwidth). I dunno why it would affect your network connection capabilities though...

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    Sounds like a kernel setting to me.
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    Or very possibly a problem with your router/modem/etc.

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