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    i just got my new powerbook today!
    i went to the mall with my mother and she finally bought me my long awaited 15 inch powerbook with superdrive! it's sitting right on my table staring at me longing to be switched on.

    questions, should i drain the powerbook battery before i plug the charger in? in the manual it says to plug it in right away.. hmm

    any other things i should check or do when i begin setting up? thanks! and hello fellow mac users!

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    Grats They're a delightful machine!

    I sat in the car and played with it for 2 hours before doing anything and didn't do any harm. Do what the manual says... which I believe is to plug it in and do a full charge, then fully discharge it (hours of playing while you wait!) and fully charge it again to calibrate the battery meter. I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall the manual even said you're ok to play with it a little first, but to do this cycle "within a week"

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