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Thread: Browsers other than Safari, Firefox, & Opera

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    Browsers other than Safari, Firefox, & Opera
    What's your favorite browser? I love Firefox and use it 99% of the time, but my wife's employer's web page doesn't work with Firefox or Opera. We can view the site, but it won't let her log on to view her pay-stub, email, etc. Do y'all know of another web browser?

    Also, I liked Safari but but porn feature....I mean private browsing feature made it WAY too easy to feed an old addiction and I had to uninstall it. Is it possible to have Safari without the the private browsing feature?

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    There are some web sites out there, most of which require log-in and use Active X. They will only work in IE. We have a site I have to use at work, IE only. Have been able to trick it into allowing me to log in with Opera and Safari. But, as soon as I need to navigate to any pages using Active X, it's dead.
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    My favorite browser used to be firefox but I took time out to fully use Safari and now that's all i use.
    There is a list of browsers for Mac OSX HERE.
    I don't think there is a way to have Safari with out private browsing you will just have to fight the habit. :p
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    Get Crossover and install Internet Explorer, which solves all your activex and IE only problems.

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