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    New White Macbook 2.2Ghz
    Hey guys,

    well ive taken the plunge and have decided i am going to get a mabook when i visit the states this christmas.

    I have decided to get the new 2.2ghz as i can afford it and always like to have the faster processor.

    Question is, it comes with 1gb ram as you all know but should i install 2gb or is it not worth it... I am only going to be doing basic applications like word, safari, etc... and maybe a few games but no editing...

    Also, i see there is a 200 dollar difference in price between the white and black version. appart from the extra 40gb hdd is there any difference apart from colour?

    Last question, does the White macbook mark/scratch easily? and become dirty easily?


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    White Macbook 2.4ghz, 2gb ram, 160gb hd,superdrive, OSX Leopard
    billionth thread, no there is no difference apart form the colour and 40gig hd space which you can upgrade yourself for cheaper. If you consider the black an absolute must then get it, i however prefer the white macbook as it is signature apple but this is merely personal preference. For 200 dollars you could purchase, Ms Office and iwork or a good external drive or upgrade your ram to 4gb so i dont think the black is worth it, you can buy a skin for £20 to give it a black look. As i said this decision lies with you. In terms of ram i dont think you will need to upgrade it just yet, i would recommend using 1gb and when you notice you need to upgrade then do so. The new macbooks support up to 4gb so you will be sorted for many years. The macbook obviously requires slightly more cleaning that its black counterpart but as long as you look after it you will have no problems. The black macbook shows fingerprint marks alot more than the white macbook. I think tat covers everything you asked? Need more help? Pm me

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