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Thread: How Long to Get an iMac...??

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    How Long to Get an iMac...??
    Sorry if this sounds like a rant - it's pure frustration that's all.

    Probably like many I decided to delay ordering my new iMac (20" 2.4Ghz) until after the launch of Leopard...with hindsight, maybe it was a mistake as it still aint here!!

    Ordered the iMac (and a new iPod) on October 29th, on-line via the UK Apple store - I did it this way rather than visiting a local retailer because I wanted a bigger HDD fitting from the off. OK, Apple estimate the iMac will ship within 4 working days.....still with me...?

    Today - November 14th - and after a few phone calls etc, I receive an email from Apple Europe confirming that the iMac will be in the UK (at present it's in Czech Republic) by November 17th. Because 17th is a Saturday, probably won't assign a final carrier until Monday November 19th...looking like it might, just might get to me by Tuesday 20th or Wednesday 21st.

    OK, 3 weeks+ for delivery - maybe there's a huge order backlog because of folks delaying orders waiting for Leopard...maybe I made it worse by wanting the HDD changing...even so, just a little frustrated! What makes it worse, on Tuesday 20th I leave on an overseas business trip until November 30th

    It better be worth it...

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    That's weird. Mine took a day to arrive back in August.

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    i'm assuming it's taking so long because of ALL the people like you who waiting until it shipped with leopard to get it. That's a lot of shipments in a very short amount of time.

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    It may ship with Leopard ON DVD like mine did. Watch their wording carefully!

    I am currently doing a format+install in order to get a nice clean disk ><

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    [quote]I am currently doing a format+install in order to get a nice clean disk ><[/lol]

    LOL. I think that's more pyschological than anything! A clean install of Tiger and then an upgrade to Leopard would be quicker!

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