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    need help with torrent client!
    Ok so heres my problem, im testing out bt clients on mac, i have tried transmission, and bits on wheels, and both of them they wont connect to peers, and when they do connect to peers its extremely slow, and then installed azureus and this is the error i get when it starts "Error Initialize MainWindow NoClassDefFoundError" AND " Automatic removal of torrent 'Asureus Medi Server update' Succeeded. This was caused by the torrent removal rules."
    i have uTorrent running on my windows machine and it works great so it cant be my router.....any ideas?

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    did you open your ports on your Mac?
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    I don't torrent much. But one few times I did it worked. Started out slow theen picked up to about 600k down speed. I am sure it is just a firewall issue on your mac. I personally have my firewall turned off. There is really no need to have the mac firewall enabled at home behind a nat enabled router in any case.

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    make sure you have the latest transmission, .93/3811:
    Fix "router death" bug that impaired internet connectivity
    Fix bug that could cause good peer connections to be lost
    Tweak request queue code to improve download speeds
    Better handling of very large files on 32bit systems
    Consume less battery power on laptops
    Fix minor IPC parsing error

    find a torrent with lots of seeds.
    start a torrent, and be patient. give it 5 mins. any luck?

    in preferences, make sure it can map a port:
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    Use tomato torrent Ihave never had any problems with that

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