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    Move address book contacts to Leopard??
    I backed up my contacts list in Tiger before installing Leopard. When I dragged the backed up files into the Address Book in Leopard, it only transferred the name and number. How do I get it to transfer the address, IM info, screen name, etc...? I basically want all the info from the Tiger version to import into the Leopard version.

    Thanks in advance

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    You could make a .Mac trial account, then sync up your stuff, and then after installing leopard, sync it back in.

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    Did you drag out all the addresses in to an .VCF file

    If you dragged the VCF file back in it should preserve the addresses, but saying that I haven't upgraded to Leopard yet

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    Address book has an export to vcard function; I've used that before and it worked flawlessly. Give that a try and it should work fine.
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