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    Dual monitors setup - how to move dock?
    I have a dual monitor setup with a 22" LCD screen and my macbook pro. I was able to move the application menu to the 22" LCD screen but i don't know how to move the dock to the 22" LCD screen. Does anyone know how i can move the dock?

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    Go into System Preferences and select the Displays icon. From there under the arrangement tab you will see both monitors, one will have a white bar above it. Drag the white bar to the monitor you want the dock to be located on.


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    I did exactly just that but the dock didnt move with the white bar.

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    Where is your Dock located?
    If you have it anchored to the left, then it will stay where it is.
    If you have it on the bottom or the right, then it should move to where the Menu Bar is.
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    I have my external monitor arraigned such that when connected the Menu Bar is at the top of the external with the Dock at the bottom of the built-in LCD, and I honestly can't remember how I did it. The external/built-in is a vertical set up i.e. the external is above the built-in. When I connect the external all windows and desktop icons leap up to the external, and when I disconnect it the Menu Bar, icons, and app windows leap back to the built-in (and sort of resize themselves accordingly, though I do have to tweak them a bit with some Exposé action.)

    All I can tell you is that it's possible but I'm averse to messing with it to tell how to do it, because it was one of those pain in the behind things where it kind of just happened and I don't remember exactly what it was I did and thus I would rather just leave it be.

    Mess around with dragging the displays and Menu Bar about in the Display Prefs like I did and you'll probably get it the same as I do. That's pretty much what I did. Just don't be afraid until you get it the way you want. Then be afraid and don't mess with it.

    Oh, wait, you wanted the dock on the external. Hmm...can't help you there, sorry. Try pinning it to one side and see where it ends up when you connect, then try to move it to the bottom. Something about primary/secondary display.

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    An answer, long coming...
    Quote Originally Posted by walkerj View Post
    I have my external monitor arraigned such that when connected the Menu Bar is at the top of the external with the Dock at the bottom of the built-in LCD, and I honestly can't remember how I did it.
    I follow this up -- how many years later? -- because I had the same problem.

    I have a 21" Cinema that sits to the left of my MacBook, and for quite some time I've had the monitors position perfectly lined up. I do hook/unhook from my desk a time or two per day to computer on walkabout, but have never had any problem.

    A few days ago... suddenly my dock appears on the laptop screen, while the menu bar remains on the external monitor. Fast forward after much cursing and searching... somehow my monitor position within the Monitors control panel had changed. The monitors were shown as being above/below one another and not beside. When you do this, the dock "falls" to the lowest positioned monitor!

    When I moved the monitor representations back into the proper place... well there my dock went back to where I wanted.

    Who knew!? =-)

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