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    how to install tiger dvd 2 on external hard drive
    Just received my beautiful 24" iMac and I am quickly getting used to Tiger
    The iMac's arrived in Israel without Leopard and I should have the new operating system dvd in a few days. I have an external firewire hard drive and I would like to be able to fully install Tiger (practice) from the hard drive and not the dvd's. I know how to make a bootable external hard drive from Tiger dvd disc 1 but I have no idea how to combine or stream disc 2 onto the bootable firewire partition so that I do not have to use the second dvd to complete the install.
    I understand that Leopard is one double layer dvd so it will be easy to use my old firewire Ipod as a install drive.

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    I am alittle confused. Why do you not want to install from the dvds? What is the benefit to you of installing from the firewire drive instead? Seems like alot of time wasted.

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