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    Talking Waiting on my first Mac to arrive
    Hello Everyone!
    I just recently purchased my first mac from ebay last thursday! Its an ibook g3 600mhz I hope it comes today. Ive been quite anxious to get it. I am web and graphic desinger at heart, but I work for NOAA as a helpdesk technician. I am very pc savy, but have little knowledge of macs. I got this ibook for 500bucks, which I think was a pretty good deal. It only has 128 megs of ram, but I have a 256meg chip to put in it when it arrives. I think it has OS X 10.2 something? Should I get Panther? Is this a pretty good machine to get to know mac on? Either way, I am really excited.

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    Congratulations! Welcome to Mac-forums! I would only suggest getting Panther if you know you cannot wait until the first half of 2005, because a newer version of Mac OS X is coming out, called Tiger. Yes, that is a pretty good machine to get to know mac on, although, IMO, it only takes 10 minutes to learn!

    Congrats on your purchase, and welcome to Apple world, where most of the time, the grass IS greener!

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    I am very impatient so Ill probably get it. Also, If I like mac as much as I think that I am, by 2005 ill be getting something alot nice anyways.

    Thanks for the welcome.

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    The mac 13
    just some keyboard short cuts
    Apple key = command, Apple W close window (finder) Apple Q quit app C = copy V = paste I = get info
    there is still the ALT+tab thingy. its the same app in windoze.. go get a panter..

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