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    12" powerbook
    Hi, well I am definatly going to be a switcher to apple computers, and I look forward to learning about them and helping people out on this forum like the others who have helped me. I was just wondering if anyone out of experience knows how crisp and clear the 12" powerbook screens are. I was at circuit city last night trying to get an idea of what a 12.1 " screen would be like, however the ones on display had lousy contrast and were hard to look at. Is this a common trait amoung small screened laptops or was the display model just chinsy.


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    Oh yes, and I don't mean lousy as in the screens are small but in the color and contrast of the resolution. I am looking for a powerful small laptop.

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    My buddy has a 12" iBook and the screen looks great last time I saw it. Just get a 17" powerbook! The minute I turned on my 17" powerbook my jaw dropped at how amazing and clear the display is.

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    gee I wish I could, I'm just a student and I don't have enough money for a 17 inch powerbook. Thats why I was asking about the 12". Plus the 17 inch laptops are still new, and they cost alot more.

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    Amazingly clear here, on a 12" Powerbook. I'd say the display model you saw either had the brightness/contrast controls wrong or was faulty. Certainly clearer than my 17" desktop iiyama

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