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    I am really interested but not sure...
    Hello, I have been looking at macs for quite awhile now, however the question is burning inside of me... I have the money but I don't know if I should spend it yet. I am looking at a 12" powerbook, I want to buy it now, but I also dont want them to upgrade them right after I buy them. I am writing from the slowest oldest PC you'd ever known and I need a new notebook before school starts again. However I don't want to miss this "cram and Jam" deal with the ipod either. So if anyone knows anything, please fill me in.

    Thank you

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    Apple have recently upgraded them... and if you wait a little while, doesn't matter when, you'll discover they will always be upgraded... on average every six months. So if you're waiting for them to stop upgrading, then you'll be waiting for a long, long, long time... If I was you, you should ask yourself this "Do I really need it, when school starts? Or can I wait."

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    There's a buyer's guide at

    Which tracks how recently each Apple product has been updated. The PowerBooks are "neutral" which means they haven't been updated too recently, but aren't likely to be updated anytime soon, either.

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    Ok, thank you, I think I am going to buy now then, I just wanted to know if there was anything within the next month or so.... Thanks

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