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    quicken info from a PC tranferred to quicken for mac?
    I posted this on the "mac software" forum but after a couple of hours I've only gotten more frustrated... and no responses.

    I thought maybe another recent "switcher" may have had the same problem (??)

    "I just purchased Quicken 2004 for Mac and I'm having difficulties transferring my past 5 years of transactions over to my PB from my pc that's also running Quicken '04. I assumed that quicken files would be interchangeable between the operating systems, given that quicken is fairly independent - is that not the case?

    any help would be appreciated."

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    A little google action found this:

    Hope it helps!

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    Alright, thanks!

    I'm totally busted for being a lazy-*** ...but hey, I got what I was looking for!

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