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    Contacts deleted from Iphone when syncing to new MPB
    Just got my new MBP. I synced my Iphone to Itunes on the MBP to recover the songs on the phone from the loss of my library when my PC crashed. (why I bought the MBP at this time in the first place). The songs synced OK but all my contacts were lost, despite my NOT having checked the "sync contacts" box on the MBP. What can I do to recover the contacts?

    I have them on my desktop which is a PC in Outlook. How can I export them to the MBP in a way it will recognize?

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    I think if you export the contacts as vcards in Outlook you can import them into address book.
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    Vcards not an export option
    Thanks for trying to help me. Unfortunately, there is not an option to export Outlook contacts in vcard, although there is an option to Import that way. Any suggestions?

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