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Thread: Mac Mods?

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    Mac Mods?
    Ok, this is probably a holdover from my PC-building days, but now that I have my iBook, I am already thinking of ways I can "mod" the machine to give it an even more customized look. Are there sites out there which offer advice on ways to do this?

    For example, I don't imagine I will be using an Airport card in the near future and that little depressed bay would be an ideal spot to stick some wafer batteries and possibly rig up a sort of LED backlighting system for the keyboard. I realize I will probably have to wait until I get a desktop again before I can do a lot of modifications, but I am curious as to what people have done with the laptops.

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    Nothing like answering my own questions with a little bit of research!

    Now, THIS is what I am talking about!

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    Maybe you can get an Aqua skin for um... Appleblinds *giggle*

    I daren't try anything like that on mine, I've already been careless (having it stolen and letting its replacement run through - and survive - part of a thunderstorm) so anything else and my luck will definitely run out

    Sorry I'm not much help but I understand why PC users put tacky lights all over to make those ugly boxes a little brighter... I just think Macs look wonderful enough as they are :p

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    LOL...nothing like a bit of Mac Elitism, right?

    Honestly, a backlit keyboard has practicality beyond just looking cool. But there is still the idea of a custom machine that no one else has which I find appealing.

    But for others looking at also customizing their various Mac machines, this site should provide some help.

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    Hehe I'm just playing, I have a PC myself as well as a Mac. Sometimes it's fun to be elitist for no particular reason

    How about laser engraving? It'd devalue it if you ever wanted to sell it on, unless you get something popular etched into it (i.e. not your name or anything else personal) though.

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    Several of the case mods I found involve placing custom templates over the Apple logo in the back. This seems to be the simplest of the mods I have found thus far and is easily removed should you decide to sell it.

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    id rather bath in star jones' vomit than do that to my iBook

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    They don't do it to hide the Apple, but only to enhance it. For example, here is Clarus thing:

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    LOL that's cute enough. I was envisaging turning your laptop into a landing strip with lots of bright flashing lights on each side etc.

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