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    Need Advice regarding IMAC purchase
    My business currently runs on windows based programs. I am considering the purchase of a new IMAC. I just want to make sure that with either parallels or fusion this is a smart move. Are there any drawbacks to using an application such as this when everything has been all windows based.

    Are there any problems networking windows hardware when running windows applications

    Many thanks

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    Are you planning on switching the business over to mac entirely or just have a mac while running your programs on it for more of a looks/space thing?
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    If you have no intention of using OS X, the is no need for a Mac. If you use any of those apps you while running XP or Vista like any PC would. You are still able to catch virus and all that good stuff.
    Parallels is not a "smart move" if you want to only use Windows. I have no idea what fusion is.
    If you want a computer that runs OS X and Windows but not necessarily at the exact same time, the iMac is a good choice. Bootcamp comes with OS X starting tomorrow. With boot camp you should be able to run Windows flawlessly. I can't say that with 100% certainty seeing I don't use bootcamp or windows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkW View Post
    My business currently runs on windows based programs. .........everything has been all windows based.
    Getting a Mac is not a smart move.
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