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    Oct 19, 2007
    new iMac owner thoughts
    With the announcement of Leopard and the up-to-date program, I finally pulled the trigger and bought an 20" iMac, kissing the Windows world goodbye.

    I was, at first, skeptical about the glossy screen but after working with it for about a week now, its not an issue for me. The only real complaint I have with it is that I had to turn the brightness down a bit as the combination of brightness and huge screen (I'm used to 17" screens) was driving my eyes buggy.

    I also quickly decided that I really like the flat keyboard. What I did not like was the mouse. I immediately replaced it with the 2 button mouse from one of my Windows machines.

    Overall, I love this machine. Now, if I could only grasp XCode/Cocoa programming. It is so radically different than what I'm used to (Delphi)...

    New iMac Owner

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    Oct 10, 2007
    MacBook 1.83Ghz Core 2 Duo, 1GB ram, 160GB HD. iMac 20" 2Ghz Core 2 Duo Aluminum, 2GB ram, 250GB HD
    I have the new iMac 20" aswell. I have mixed feelings about it though.....

    Pros: Beautiful looking computer with large clear screen and nice thin keyboard similar to the keyboard on my beloved MacBook. My iMac boots very fast and Propellerhead Reason 4 runs superb and fast. I love the aluminium and sleek glass look.

    Cons: Not a fast computer I thought it would be. At 800mhz FSB 2Ghz, the computer seems to run at the same speed as my MacBook 1.83Ghz. Very disappointing CPU preformance when using GarageBand and Logic Pro 8. Sometimes I get slow transfer rates when tranferring files from superdrive to desktop. Computer is slow at responding sometimes.

    Other than that, I love my iMac


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    Sep 30, 2007
    imac 20" 2GHz Intel 2GB RAM, iPod Classic 80Gb, iPhone
    I'm a new imac owner & I must say it's completely changed the way I use my time on the computer.

    I've found I'm much more involved in doing stuff, making movies for youtube rather than just watching movies on youtube, creating albums for facebook & flickr rather than just looking at other peoples and so on.....

    I must say (without sounding too mellow dramatic) my imac has changed the way I spend my time which I suppose in turns means its changed my life.

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    Oct 19, 2007
    I haven't done anything real CPU intensive so far, except for doing some simple XCode builds. I did notice some sluggishness when I installed the VMWare Fusion demo and Windows XP but that is probably because I only have one 1 gig of RAM, which I am correcting tonight with a trip to the local Best Buy.

    One thing that does annoy me though is that Firefox has not been stable since it updated to It was so bad that I had to switch to Safari.


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