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kieranm 10-21-2007 08:03 AM

Help !!! - new iMac user - can't see external Iomega usb storage
Hi folks,

Just got my new 24" imac yesterday and have been trying for a few hours to transfer my pc files to the new mac.

I have my pc data backed up on an 80gb iomega hard drive.

When I connect up the external drive to the iMac while it is in XP mode under Parallels, it does not see the external usb storage drive ( I checked that recognise usb is turned on in the config settings ). My understanding is that I should transfer the windows files to the shared folder in parallels desktop and i can then move them to say the itunes folder in the mac drive.

I also tried connecting the drive to the imac in normal mac OS mode and it did not see the external iomega drive ?

What is the correct way to do this ? - if I could connect the USB drive to the Mac OS would it be able to read the Windows files ( documents, iTunes library from my windows PC ) and move them to the normal Mac OS directories ?

Would appreciate any thoughts on resolving this as when I looked at the Iomega support site it indicated that the iMac should have all the drivers needed.

Thank you

Warm regards,

NanoBite 10-21-2007 08:21 AM

When the drive is connected in Mac OS does it show up in Disc Utility? How did you format the drive? NTFS, FAT32 ... ?

powermacj7 10-21-2007 08:24 AM

Under OSX, when your drive is plugged in, go to utility folder->Disk Utility and see if you external hard-drives is shown there.

Also while in the Finder, drop down the Finder menu, and go to preferences, check under sidebar to show mounted devices.

AbSoluTc 10-21-2007 04:26 PM

Welcome to the forums! :)

As for your issue - I switched to a new iMac myself about a week ago. So far I have not experienced any issues with drives being detected. I have plugged in all my USB drives (jump drives and hard drives) and they have been detected in OSX without incident.

As far as I know, OSX should be able to READ - ANY windows drive. However when it comes to writing them I know for sure NTFS is OUT of the question. Fat and Fat32 I beleive it can write to (might need to double check that).

My guess, your issue probably stems from the fact that it's an IOMEGA device. I have never had good luck with them to start with, hence why I no longer use them.

You should (in theory) be able to plug in your drive (give it a few seconds) and it should appear in the upper right hand of your screen as a USB device (right under Macintosh HD). The icon is usually orange with the USB sybol on it.

Hope that helps somewhat?

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