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    xbench results....
    Hi guys, i have a simple question......

    today i installed a 512mb ram chip in my 15" 1.33ghz had 256 as normal.........and now i have 768.............and even when it seem faster (i still have to test it more with daily use) but even when it seems faster i tested with xbench and the results with 256 ram where better than with 768................

    with the stock 256 it was 116.68, and with 768 i test it 3 times: 1) 108, but i had a few application opened, so i closed them and tested it again....and 115 was the best 115 after upgrading ram?......and 116.68 with only 256 stock?............anything wrong?.....or is this normal

    now i have more things in my hard drive (more videos and mp3's and programs ......than before) but i don't think that's a problem.

    thanks for inputs

    Update: it is faster.......but i don't know why the xbench came out worst than with the stock 256.

    P.S. by the way the memory brand i bought was CENTON ELECTRONICS is this good?...

    i know crucial is the most recommended here but i asked an uncle so buy the memory at compusa and he got that one (the guy from the store told him that it was compatible with Apple)....

    ...and since i told him to get PC2700 and gave him every little detail....well it's working because my pbook inmediatly recognized it

    what do you think about CENTON?

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    Don't worry about Xbench, as long as its faster .

    For my own knowledge, is it alot faster?

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    hell yeah man... ehhehe....i mean when you open an application from the dock (for example:'s faster but it still take a tiny bit of time to open...........but once it's OPEN the speed increase is enormus...............and when i have a lot of apps open its way faster

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    I'm guessing that Xbench doesn't do much that involves large datasets, or anything else that would occupy enough memory to show a difference.

    As for the Centon vs. Crucial vs. whatever brand of memory...I like Crucial because, in my opinion, Crucial's memory has a low rate of defects. That's just an opinion, based mostly on word-of-mouth. I have no hard data to support it, and I have no reason to believe that Centon or anyone else does not sell solid memory.

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    Mac OS X is based on UNIX technology. From all the various flavors, they have one thing in common other than stability. They all have a swap file of approx. 1.5Gb, the more RAM you have the less it'll use the HD for swapping this data. Hence you get a speed increase.

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    You may also want to go into your system prefs/energy saver and change the setting to highest performance before running XBench. After reading this thread I downloaded it and ran it... with my custom power setting (and 21% battery charge) I got someting around 109 or so. When I changed the settings to highest performannce, my number went up to 119+. It seems the computer is really fast, but the hard drive is really slowing it down.

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