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    Ronald McCarty
    Multifunction Printer
    Just got the G5 2X2 GHz...switching out my XP video system for the Mac. (Keeping the Sun and Linux systems though.)

    Could someone recommend a multifunction printer that will work with the Mac and OS X? Ideally it will include a scanner (with slide/negative capability), a color ink jet, a copy function, and a fax function. I just bought a Canon MP730. The 730 works well under XP, but is not supported on the Mac, so I'll be returning it.

    It does surprise me that Canon is not supporting the Mac on its multifunction printers...there seems to be a pretty good Mac following on their digital cameras...ah well, my dollar will vote somewhere else.


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    Try the Epson, HP or Canon range... Not sure which, you'll need to check the specs for compatibility and demands needs.

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    Apple has a list of compatible printers at

    Apple also sells printers on its online store. The $200 Brother MFC-3820CN, $300 HP PSC 2410, and $350 HP PSC 2510 would all seem to meet your needs. There's a $99 rebate off the HP models if you buy one from Apple with a Mac.

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