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Thread: Generic switcher anxiety rant

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    Generic switcher anxiety rant
    Well, my 17" powerbook was supposed to arrive yesterday (according to tracking). So naturally I waited around all day like a kid waiting to get his first bike. I wait.....and I wait....and I wait....finally it gets dark out and the fedex website hasn't changed its status since the day before. I called fedex and apparently the package was held in customs in anchorage alaska and will not arrive until Monday! I was pretty bummed out. At least this will give me some more "goodbye time" with my PC. :p

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    well at least this is something you can blame FedEx or the USGov on and not apple
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    I know the feeling about "goodbye time". I spent last evening migrating my data onto a spare hard drive and reflecting on the good times I had with the machine. Don't get me wrong, I don't second guess my decision to switch (at least, not yet), but there is still something about building a PC with your own two hands, knowing it inside and out and then seeing it go to someone else who really only wants it because it looks cool. The guy who bought mine won't be able to do half of what the computer is capable of, but oh well.

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    Yeah, i'm not going to sell my pc. I'll still use it for doom 3 when that comes out this week, and I will use it to stream media to my xbox on my tv.

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    Why good bye? Why not use both? They will happily coexist on the same network without additional hardware. You just need to set up the networking, takes you 5 mins.

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    For me it is goodbye because I am trying to "lose some weight" before heading to Europe later this year. I simply can't afford to drag around a bunch of hardware, when I only need a small laptop (iBook will be here Tuesday!), digital camera, and cell phone. Once I get back, I most likely will build another PC, if only for career purposes. It pays to be dual-platform.

    In the meantime, it is bye-bye for now.

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