Hello switchers and prospective switchers. As a recent switcher and all around technical guy, I wanted to share some observations about e-mail and the switchers inclination to gravitate towards entourage. I also want to point out how getting a new computer is a perfect time to make a break from POP mail and switch to server side mail storage (IMAP).

Heck I don't know, maybe it is way of staying attached to the bad old days of Windows, but I went straight to Entourage when I started using my iMac. Well, if you must know...

1) It is an absolutely horrible e-mail client.
2) It is NOTHING like Outlook.
3) It does not support your 14 years worth of .PST files you have sitting around on your old PC.
4) About all it is good for is talking natively to an exchange server and it is only marginally good at doing that.

My advice...

1) Try the good old MAIL program on your new Mac! You will be pleasantly surprised! It will even sync with your blackberry!
2) Before you make the switch, gather up all the e-mail lying around in those .PST's you have filled up with POP downloads and re-upload it to your mail server at your ISP by switching to IMAP and copying the mail from our personal folder to the IMAP mailbox folder. If your provider doesn't support it, find one that does! Eventually you are going to want to forget about having your e-mail "on your computer". This isn't 1993, disk space and bandwidth are cheap! Save yourself the headache and store your e-mail on an e-mail server, not your hard drive.

Best of luck!