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    Turning off / restarting
    is it true that turning off your Mac or restarting it frequently is NOT recommended? I read somewhere that it is better to put the computer in 'sleep' mode than shut it down completely.

    Please forgive me if this was a dumb question. I am true switcher having bought my first Mac over the weekend.

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    It's better to put it in sleep mode only because you can access it quicker when you want it. You can shut it down every time if you wish, but it isn't necessary.

    Congratulations on your new machine! May you enjoy it.
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    There are many informative threads on this topic, if you care to do a search.

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    technologist is right. but do your own research and tests. I've found that shutting down every night keeps the machine faster. I'm guessing it's something about the startup process, probably some kind of maintenance that runs.

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