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Thread: Considering a macbook for next work laptop, but what office application is safest?

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    Considering a macbook for next work laptop, but what office application is safest?

    I have had an imac at home for a few months and I'm loving it. Great style, nice OS, funky extras.

    I'm needing to change my current work PC and since i now need to do alot of mobile work i need a notebook.

    I really love the idea of getting a macbook or macbook pro, however I'm not sure if its going to be practical for my office environment since nearly everyone at work uses Windows PC's. I have NeoOffice at home which is fine for basic tasks and my girlfriends uni work etc. The problem is at work I have to handle complex Excel spreadsheets regularly.

    From what I can gather Office for mac is a more simplified version of Windows Office?

    Will Office for mac 2008 have all of the same features as the current Office 2003 that iam using on my PC?

    Also would neooffice be able to support complex business based spreadsheets with the same functionality as Microsoft software?

    I'm really not sure whats safest, falling back on a horrible PC based notebook (Dell... URGH) or taking a risk with a mac book notebook. The problem is with the nature of my work I can't afford to not be able to open a file or do the same functions with it once I have it.

    Another issue is persuading my boss to pay extra for office software ontop of the cost of the macbook (most PC's come with office already).

    Any ideas or feedback would be great, thanks guys!

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    Office 08 should have much more features than what Office 03 had. But when it comes to office apps, you have lot of options like neooffice & openoffice which are free and ofcourse MSoffice which is paid one. You also have a choice to run the MS Office windows version on Mac directly without installing windows OS (using crossover) so you can port office 03 directly

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    Thanks for the reply and info, I had been considering running windows on the macbook but i wanted to try to avoid this where possible.

    I tried the 30 day trial of Office for Mac 2004 and wasn't impressed. The design of the tool bars was very different and took some getting used to. I made the assumption based on the simplified graphical layout of the toolbars and icons that it was a stripped or watered down office for "dummies".
    Is this correct or is it actually fully functioning with the same business orientated features of Microsoft windows based office?

    Most office questions seem to come from home users or students so their needs aren't so complex. However I'll be using it for business use, so is neooffice capable of supporting excel sheets for serious business use?

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