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    Powerbook G4 Keyboard - Arrow Key?
    What does the arrow key in the top right corner of the Powerbook G4 (15") keyboard do? When I click it, it shows an icon of the key on the screen but doesn't appear to do anything.

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    The one next to the F12 key? It's an eject button. Press it with a CD/DVD inserted and the CD will pop out.

    For desktop Macs and laptops without a slot-loading CD drive, this is also used to open the CD loading tray.

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    Some of the keys baffled me too :p

    The symbol that looks like
    (edit: I'll get this right yet!)

       \ _
    means 'option'. It's on the same key as 'alt', to the left of the apple and hash-like-symbol key which mean command. Alt and option seem to be the same thing, essentially, as do apple and command (correct me if wrong, I'm a newbie too)

    The one that looks something like

    ^ (not the eject one)

    is 'Enter'. Apparently Macs often differentiate between "Return" (new line) and "Enter" (confirm a command) whilst PCs generally merge the two.

    HTH as it took a lot of googling to find out what all the symbols were for

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    Here, I done this for you guys, hope it helps.

    This layout applies to all current PowerBook and iBook users.
    The part in grey applies only to users with a Backlight Keyboard.

    Got any more questions just post a reply.
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    Nicely made, cheers

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