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Thread: My plan for a new iMac ... (Windows switcher here)

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    My plan for a new iMac ... (Windows switcher here)
    Good evening to all those who are currently on the forum and may chance upon this thread of mine in the "Switcher Hangout." This is my very first post on any Mac-oriented forum online, and there's a reason for that:

    I'm getting an Apple computer for the very first time.

    The larger reason why I'm posting here is to run my plan by everyone to get a feel of what you all think of it, and to offer any advice if possible. You see, I've been a DOS and Windows (now Vista) user for nearly 20 years now (since my childhood, in fact), and apart from the strictly occasional use of an Apple-branded PC for a school assignment or whatever, I've never really used Apple computers much.

    Frankly, until the release of the Intel-based iMacs, I'd never really given Apple's line of computers a second look (or one at all), and preferred to stay with the same OS and PC architecture that I'd known for years (Windows and x86 hardware, respectively). But now that I've tried out Tiger to an extent and like what I see in the upcoming Leopard OS, I think it's time for me to go and make the switch. The design of the iMacs are simply brilliant, I think, and outpace anything available on the market right now (and also for the foreseeable future). No more Windows after I make the switch.

    So, this is my plan:

    1. Get an iMac with 2 GB of RAM, 2.0 and/or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo model

    2. The iMac would (preferably) have an ATI Radeon 2600 HD video card

    3. Get the iMac (which would be the 2.4 GHz model due to the Radeon) after Leopard releases (that way, I wouldn't have to spend $130 more after the OS comes out, because then it'd come preinstalled on all new iMacs)

    What does everyone think of this plan? Also, I must say that two big reasons why I stuck with PCs for so long is: A) gaming, but nowadays I play games on my Xbox 360 and will likely stick with console gaming, and B) upgradeability; I liked the fact that I could spend one lump sum on an initial PC configuration and upgrade it however I wanted later on without spending $1,000+ more for a wholly new PC (as I would if I got an all-in-one design like the iMac).

    With the upgradeability issue, I've found that performance gains reach a threshold in terms of personal satisfaction, so whether or not a program takes a few seconds or longer to start up doesn't make that much difference to me; not anymore. Besides, I've tested out the latest iMac models, and they seem speedy enough for me to attest that the concept of blistering performance doesn't necessarily have to be achieved through upgrading; not if the end user is satisfied enough with existing performance.

    So, any thoughts regarding my plan (and the other things I said)? Thanks.

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    sounds good to me! I was in your same situation. I was a computer geek from the day we got a 286. I ordered my MacBook a few months ago, and I love it... never going back to windows!

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    yh macs usually don't get as slower as pc's do so you probably won't have to upgrade that much. even if you do you can easily upgrade the ram yourself.

    What will you be using your mac for? you may want to consider trying out Microsoft office 2004 and iWork '08 if your going to be using it for word processing and that sort of stuff....

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    about iWork....can you save files under microsoft word format?

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    yes you can but instead of going to file, save, you got to file, export. but yh you can

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    NeoOffice is also worth a look. It is the Mac port of OpenOffice. It is also FREE.

    And yes it can both open and save as MS Office formats. Including work in progress for Office 2007 full compatability.

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