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    Connecting a PS2 or PS3 to a MAC
    Looking for a bit of help or advice on what I may need to by to connect my PS2 (And then PS3 when I buy it) to my Mac screen.

    I have a Mac Pro with the 30" Cinema HD screen and though it would be nice to use the PS2 on the Mac screen as the wife will then have free reign over the TV.


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    forthe PS3 you will need an hdmi to dvi cable. this will resign you to using fiber optic for audio on the ps3 and not being able to use 1080p or full res. surround audio but it would work.

    If you had a surround reviever with hdmi inputs and outputs you could feed ps3 to the reciever via HDMI, and run hdmi to dvi for the monitor.

    PS2s best output was 480p on component video so unlikely to to be able to feed it directly, and most recievers are SAME-SAME on inputs and outputs and won't convert.

    Best of luck to you, and get that ps3. Pretty decent media server for audio... and certain non windoze video formats.

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