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    My first Apple has just shipped!
    After months of waiting to order my G5 and Display, and 1 month(and 3 days) of waiting for my G5/Display to ship, the day has come!!!!

    My G5 and display(see specs on right) has shipped!

    It shipped early this morning(about 1) so what day approx. will it be here? My experience with Apple has shown that generally their products arrived at my door one day after the day that it shipped. Assuming the same situation applies to this, it should be here Tuesday, since FedEX does not receive it till' Mon.

    Now is the realllly hard part.....waiting for it to arrive!!!

    Wish me Luck!

    ~ApplejustWorks :rolleyes:

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    I love student discount (sig)
    That display is going to impress you

    and that silent G5 :rolleyes:
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    OMG that is going to rock. Good luck with it

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