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    Uh Oh What have I done...
    Well my wife got her MacBook today for our anniversary and now since I got it up and running for her she has NOT put it down at all. 4 hours straight - now she is watching television and doing work/surfing the web all at once. She was like wow, this is so much better that that new computer we got a while back. (We got a new Vista machine that was given to us about 6 months ago - it was a Dual Core 2.8 with 2 gig of ram and 256 Video card) And she is like it runs so much faster, and everything opens up and closes faster. The picture is awesome. She is in awe with all the stuff you can do with the Macbook - her and my 8 year old daughter were having fun with the Photobooth taking snapshot of all kinds of stuff. Now she is asking when are we getting an iMac so she can do all her photos and etc on it. (She is a scrapbookachololic)

    Never thought it would be so easy to convert a wife to another technology!

    Billy Koch
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    I'm in the same situation. My wife didn't want anything to do with my MacBook when I first got it. She was fine with her Windows box. Well, she decided to try out the MacBook and now she wants to use it all the time.

    It's not all bad, I guess. I have talked her into getting a new iMac when Leopard is released. Soon we'll be a Windows free household! Well, except for the windows in the house.
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    Just bought my wife a Macbook Pro for her business. She's had a macbook for a year and it was time to step up the power. She LOVES it and won't put it down!



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    Heh. When I got my shiny new G5 a couple of years ago, I gave my wife my old G3 400, with 128mb of RAM.

    After half an hour she told me to sod off, and put her Dell back

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    The ladies love the macs :-D My lady friend was first running a dell system when we first met, she was thinking about going portable and she really liked my ibook at the time, so i said that we should try to get her an ibook, shortly after that we bought an ibook g4 for her she loved it right away, she sold the dell to her dad.

    Jump ahead almost years and she's running a macbook, when it came out she was all over it. Girls with macs are so cute.

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