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    working with firmware updates
    I've enjoyed my first Mac for the few months that I've had it. I noticed recently on some blogs that there is a firmware update. But I have several questions.

    Software updates are handled by the Software Updates program. Do firmware updates need to be downloaded and dealt with separately?

    When I checked the Apple site with the firmware update, it says that I should be able to confirm my version of the bootROM using System Profiler. I looked at the full version of my system profiler and could not find my bootROM version. Also, I checked the System Profiler Help but it was no help. Where do I look in System Profiler to check my bootROM version?

    I have the new aluminum iMac. Do I ever need to worry about the firmware update?

    Is there anything else I should know about firmware updates as a new Mac user?

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    All of my firmware updates have come through software update. Just make sure you install all updates that software update tells you to and you should not have any problems. There will usually be special instructions with a firmware update also.
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    The default Window that opens displays the Boot ROM version. It' the 2nd item from the bottom of the list on the right hand side of the window.

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    Thanks. You guys have been very helpful.

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