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    Windows Remote Desktop for mac?
    If i have windows remote assistant/desktop set up on my windows based computer is there any way to access this using MaxOSX?

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    This is what I use
    This is one option for you, don't know if it's the best solution, it is M$ after all
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    Supox linked to the RDC Client for Mac. They have a beta that's universal (the stable release runs in Rosetta) which you can download from the right sidebar. I've used both versions to connect to my work PC from home via VPN and they worked well. It's really easy. The beta release worked fine when I used it so I'd download that one.
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    I am on Mac RDC beta connecting to my 2003 servers at work and I love it. I am also using the Mac HamachiX client for our PC based Hamachi network.

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