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    sharing photos and music among users on the same computer
    Is there a way to share the music in iTunes and the photos in iPhoto among the various users on the same iMac?

    I recently bought my first ever iMac. I am running Mac OS X 10.4.10. I am one user and my wife is the other user. I added music from CDs that I had and imported pictures from my camera to iPhoto. But only I can play the music and see the pictures. When my wife switches users and opens iTunes and iPhoto there is no music and no pictures. Obviously, we are using the same hard drive. Is there a way to set the music and pictures so that we both can use them?

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    You will have to set your iTunes library store to the "Shared" folder on either account.

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    So, how exactly is this done? I'm trying to do the same thing!

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    For music

    For photos I think there is something called iPhotoLibrary manager - don't know if it has been updated tho

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