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    Cool Tomorrow's the Day!
    Yay!!!! Tomorrow I get to pick up my new iBook 14 in' & Airport Extreme at the Portland Apple Store and I then I'll be switched, TG.
    I hope I can sleep tonite!

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    good luck'll have a great time with it.........hope you enjoy it and take care of it!

    that's funny..............a couple of friends of mine (PC users, but not Mac bashers tho) were here tonight.....and after playing with my powerbook for a few hours.....they loved it..............and let me quote what one of em said to me after arriving home and using his PC (Windows): "damn bro, after using that Mac, and that OS, this computer and windows, feels like bull...... apple is light years ahead of windows"

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    well done mate the iBooks are awesome for an all round machine... ive got the old 933 14" and it kicks butt...

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    Congratuations!!! Hope you enjoy Mac and the Mac OS.

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    iBooks are the best starter machines I think and really for most people Apple's best laptop. It's versatile, powerful, and very rugged (I've dropped mine on the floor numerous times...I really need to be more careful lol).
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    I wouldn't go so far on the durability. Granted dropping it on the floor is one thing, but my friend purchased an iBook from me and got into a car accident with the iBook in the car. Thank god my friend was ok, but the iBook is a different story. The protection that was used was a normal neoprene case (so i wouldn't expect much anyways) but the entire screen was shattered and the price to repair--$800. Which makes me feel, dropping the iBook on the floor from like 5 feet in the hair is pretty harsh, getting crushed between electronics doesnt seem that much more....mmm who knows?

    but congrats on the new iBook....first thing to do---buy a case!

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    I haven't tried an iBook, so I can only go by the powerbook design which is pretty solid (shortly after buying I dropped a keyboard on it, almost had a heart attack, but didn't even leave a scratch)

    Agreed... buy a case.. not necessarily the overpriced Apple one (100, WT??!!!) but something decent.

    My PB gets royalty treatment. Only ever touch it after washing hands, etc.

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    [B]Thanks to all who have read & replied. The lil' iBook is up and running fine.
    Added my wife so she has her own account, and now just waiting for Comcast to show
    up to register and get a bunch of goodies downloaded, then add in the Airport, & the
    wireless HP, Lisa (my wife) had to have.,,,,,,and away we go. Any good O'reilly books
    for Unix/Panther OSX newbies to buy so I can learn all about Shell / or Darwin/Unix
    commands to keep the iBook's overnight logs and temp files from slowing it down??
    Thanks, again!!

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    Just a side note. You do not need to download and install comcast application software in order to set your system up to connect to the internet.
    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain!

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    Get a book. That's what I intend to do. I've had a flick through some of the many books in a shop and they quickly highlight some useful knowledge and tips. A good deal (and size) seems to be the O'Reilly pocket book. (I might start a thread on this asking for suggestions rather thank hijack this one...)

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    Comcast coming this Saturday
    Quote Originally Posted by rman
    Just a side note. You do not need to download and install comcast application software in order to set your system up to connect to the internet.
    So, should I stop the installer if he wants to install software to connect the
    G4 iBook to the internet?
    Thanks , man.

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    Yup. All they really need to do is run the cables. And if your house already has the cables laid from before, they really just remove some sort of filter and you're ready to go. Set-up is pretty straight foward. Just hook everything up and you should be ready to go. I thought some cable internet service charge extra for "network troubleshoot" service, I don't think they'll help you install your AirPort if you don't get that. (Well, mine won't) But the set up is pretty straight foward just follow the steps in the router manual.

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    Hey, congratulations! I'm hopefully making the switch for good next week. About a year ago i bought an 'old school' blueberry ibook, as a second computer but i only thought OS 9 was ok and didn't use it enough to really transition so i've just sold it and after doing a weeks work experience on an imac on OS X and having played with OS X in numerous stores, and realising how much it's come on from OS 9, i'm off to get an ibook next week too I hope it all goes well!

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    The mac 13
    good for u..hmm..when will b ma turn...

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