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    Pocket PC --> iBook --> iSync?
    Hey guys!
    I'm a recent switcher and I still haven't figured out how to sync my Pocket PC with my iBook. When I plug it in nothing happens. Called Dell but OBVIOUSLY they didn't help me, that and the fact that I couldn't understand the guy on the line. Someone please help! (BTW it's a Dell X5 Advanced)

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    The good: it is possible to do what you want.
    The bad: it's not free.

    (The reviews seem to prefer Missing Sync.)

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    Sweet! I was looking for something like that too, but had written it off as impossible since it barely even works on Linux (still, that's nothing new)

    Now the only thing missing is Digiguide.

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    Get a PowerBook 12" - it's pretty much the same size as the Dell X5

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    I really prefer the markspace sync to pocketsync. I find it works much better and totally integrates with iSync
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    Quote Originally Posted by iSheep
    Get a PowerBook 12" - it's pretty much the same size as the Dell X5
    LOL!!!!!! I think that the X5 is heavier than my iBook LMAO. I'm saving up for a Palm cuz I want to rid myself of bugfactory, i mean Microsucks products all together.

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