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    Touchpad dragging

    I'm trying to recreate the typical Windows dragging behavior, where you double-tap the touchpad to drag, and release when you're done. I found the option to enable the double tap drag, but with OS X, it stays in dragging mode until I tap a *third* time.

    Anyway around this?



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    mine doesn't do this. though there is a slight delay between i let go and when it drops. probably so you can lift and then continue dragging if you drag again quickly enough.
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    Apple used to call it a "click and a half." Down-up-down-across-up.

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    There is an option called Drag-lock, you can turn it off.

    Personally, I love it. Once you get use to it it's very useful...

    System Preferences > Trackpad > Drag-lock

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    I think Eric has a point. Apple was making it so you could reach the end of the touchpad, and restart dragging if need be. In Windows it's down-up-down-drag-up but in OS X it's down-up-down-drag-delay-up. Now that I understand the logic behind that delay, I don't mind it.


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    I think drag-lock is off by default, like touchpad gestures are. I'd be lost without it.
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