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    if i have a mac problem, do I tell the geniuses that i installed my own ram?
    ...or will that void my warranty? i, like many other people who probably didn't want to pay Apple's insane prices for RAM, bought it on eBay and installed it myself.

    now, if I go to apple and troubleshoot a problem (i.e. if applications crash unexpectedly), and tell them that I installed RAM on my own, would they not look at it for free (would it void my warranty)?

    What would you do?


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    For the MacBook at least, Apple considers RAM user-replaceable. If you subsequently have problems that are unrelated to RAM, you should have no warranty fulfillment troubles whatsoever. If you have problems that could be reasonably tied to RAM, then you're probably going to pay for any related repairs.
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    Yes, tell them. Upgrading memory does not void your warranty (they tell you how to do it in the manual!) And knowing that it's there will help them to identify problems that can be caused by bad RAM.

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