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    RSS Reader
    Can anyone recommend a (preferably free!) RSS reader for OSX (10.2)?

    My main browser is currently Camino, though I also have Safari.

    I'm aware that Tiger may have a built in RSS reader. I don't think that'll work on my old G3 though.


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    I use a Web-bassed RSS reader - much easier - works on any platform, anywhere!

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    I'm using NewsMac. It works great, and if you have an iPod or Palm it even synchronises

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    I use MacReporter, since it just sits in your dock and does everything from there.. no other windows. NewsMac is pretty good also. If you want to sync your iPod with a whole bunch of data.. use Pod2Go.. best program I have found so far

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    I would recommend NetNewsWire Lite. It's free and if you really like it there's a regular version that costs money but has a few more features.
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    Thanks Chaps.

    I've gone with the web based bloglines service. It works well!

    The other services look interesting though. Especially the facility to sync with my palm.

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