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Thread: Using PBook and PC

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    Using PBook and PC
    Hi everyone, new user here. I've been using PCs for quite some time now and am well versed with their uses. I've decided to get a laptop for college use and went with a 12 in. powerbook instead of the PC laptop. I also have a 10 GB iPod that I've been using for the last year with my PC.

    My question:

    Can I use my iPod with both the PC and Pbook to: A. transfer files between the two and B. update music on the iPod with mp3s from both the powerbook and the PC.

    TIA for the help,

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    Grats on your PowerBook... I got the 12" also last week (I'd been using PCs exclusively since the days of the Amiga) so I know you're feeling chuffed to bits at your choice They're an amazing machine. Play with Exposť, it rocks

    Best idea with the iPod I found is to back up the songs, transfer them over a network to the PB and then reformat the Pod as a Mac version, then pull the songs back into the Mac version of iTunes and re-upload them, using the Mac as your main music organising machine. Then use Ephpod and MacOpener on the PC when you need to use the iPod's storage or add music files from there.

    Browse the FAQs on for more detail, in particular this one:
    this one:
    and this one:

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    you cant sync the ipod to both the pc and the pbook. i went the same route as you did, and had the same problem. if you want to use it with your pbook, you need to reformat the ipod.

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    I heard that it is possible to use with both PC and mac if the iPod is Windows formatted, but if it is mac formatted, then it'll only work with mac.

    Also, what is expose?

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    Open lots of windows, press F9 and see.

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    Also great if you have lots of stickies on your desktop
    Also do something like create a bunch of diagrams in Omnigraffle, have them all open and press F10. I found this invaluable when I was creating some diagrams at work yesterday and had to switch between them, merge bits of them etc.

    F11 to see your desktop.

    According to iPodLounge, you can use a Windows formatted iPod on a Mac, but I believe the wording they used was that it can do "weird things". You can use a Mac formatted iPod on Windows by, like I said, using MacOpener. This will let you read HFS formatted drives, and thus the Mac iPod. This seems to be the recommended way, and it works for me.

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    My wife's iPod was formatted for PC before we switched to all Macs. It has never been an issue at all. We don't have a PC anymore, just 3 Macs (plus my G5 at work).


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