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    Sony MD Player and MACs (Compatibility?)
    Guys, i have a problem.......tonight......i tryed to connect my Sony MZ-N505 Mini disk player to my powerbook, and for some reason the pbook didnt recognize it ...........i mean........i plugged the usb cable and it was like nothing happened.......what's wrong here?....aren't this two compatible or what?....

    i wanted to transfer a lotta mp3's i have on a few Mini disks to my computer and then get them in my iPod, but this problem showed up.....


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    I think you would need to install the drivers if there are any. Make sure the product works on a mac, usally they say something the outside of the box or try online.

    "he bundled OpenMG Jukebox management software supports secure music downloads" thats on here is the link

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    I don't think OpenMG works on Mac OS does it?

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