I can not wait until Friday. You see on Friday I am picking up my 15" PowerBook with a superdrive. My story is probably the same as allot of others here.

I purchased a 15" PowerBook in Jan of 2004, sold it in April. Thinking I had to have a Toshiba Tablet PC M205. Well I am come to my senses and realized I needed a third wireless laptop around the house. Why 3 you ask, well, my wife and son are always on the other two and that leaves me without one quite often. They like to play on-line games and I just like to surf.

I know we should get out of the house more and we do but the fact still remains I am the odd man out.

So I decided to make a purchase and I still have about $1000 worth of software I purchased the last go round for a MAC.

I know some people say that they have problems with MAC's locking up. Well I never had a problem with that, not once on my other PowerBook. The only problems I had was some web pages not showing up correctly in the Safari Browser.

Over all I found the UI very appealing and I miss it more and more. You see we are a WINDOWS household.

I am looking forward to the year of the Tiger and the new things it will bring.

So I just wanted to stop by and say I will be back soon, but for another couple of days I will manage with the little time I get with my Tablet.