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    PC to MAC, Ethernet Transfer...
    guys, after searching for a reply on this i didn't find a response that could help maybe you can

    How can i transfer my data (stored on my PC) to my MAC, using ethernet.

    Some people have recommended me using ethernet to transfer files because it's faster.....i don't know......i just want to transfer my data from PC to Pbook..........can anyone give me tips?

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    If you have the two networked together then you can just drag-n-drop from one machine to the next. Otherwise someone else will have to chime in with other options.

    Looking for a PowerMac G4 for $500 or less USD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joeytpg

    How can i transfer my data (stored on my PC) to my MAC, using ethernet.
    Why would you want to transfer the data to your PC's Media Access Control??'s a tip...its 'Mac'...not 'MAC'...two totally different things

    Oh and if you want to get data from your PC to your Mac...try some of Apple's suggestions here
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    oh hehehe ok.....then it's Mac

    thanks for the link!

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    I did this 2 weeks ago. First of all, make sure the two are networked. Then put all the files u want in one folder. Right click, select properties, sharing, and then check the options to share the folder and allow others to modify the folder. Then in ur Mac, goto finder>network> double-click the computer u want to access (the Windows PC) and it will show shared folders u can mount on the Mac. Mount the desired folder, open it and copy all contents. Hope this helps.

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