I have never had/owned a MacBook or an Apple product in my life, so its time to change over. If I do change, I will change for good, which means my wife and I are both getting one. We are after the White Macbooks, the 13 inch models, for easy transportation.

The purchase is in 3 weeks when we go to East Asia for a trip. (Price-wise much better there, and since we are there....why not)

The questions are as follows:

We would like to get the Mighty Mouse as well, the cordless version of it. Would it interfere if there are two mice in about a 2 meter radius? I just dont want to click her Buy-it-now button by mistake when she browses ebay, etc.

Secondly, I heard that the white MacBook gets pretty dirty from fingerprints. We both do desk work, and our hands are usually clean, but I heard horror stories about macbooks getting dirty even if you care about it. Can we put any protection on it, or even better, can we handle it such that it wont get dirty? If we must apply a seethrough layer, we would prefer only on the keyboard area and not the whole macbook, like some cases offer.

Thirdly, I would like to buy a bag, as I am going to haul it around often/daily. I need a bag as compact as possible, but still some room for an iPhone (Yes, changing cellphones too ), charger and cables. I would prefer a casual style if possible, as my job doesnt require a suit, and would prefer to match it to jeans, etc. The one I looked at was this from STM: the Small Alley bag


Any suggestions or experiences regarding this STM bag?

Thanks a lot in advance, looking forward to a smooth transition over Apple,