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    Apple Pro Mouse Donation....
    hi guys!........the reason for this post is simple.....i love apple mice, the feel the looks, they are great mices, but i didnt like the idea of having to press Ctrl everytime i wanted to use right click..........and Honestly i tought it was gonna be horrible to have a one click mouse only.

    But i'm dying to get one, i dont really care about bluetooth and wireless....i want the normal one (Optical, WITH cord).....pretty much the standard apple mouse that comes with imacs etc.

    so, since i know that a lot of people don't like the apple mouse and have bought third party mices, what have you done with your Apple mouse?.........

    can anyone out there PLEASE donate me their Apple Pro mouse? (IN CASE THEY'RE NOT USING IT, and it's in a dusty place in the back of the room, and probably will never get used.)

    can anyone be a doner?

    i would give you my CPS (Currier) address for shipping.

    thanks guys!!

    Why don't i buy it myslef you ask?...i'm just BROKE to death.....just bought my new pbook and ipod this past week, and my live savings are ($0.00)

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    lol incase no one does that... you could try ebay, theres a lot there sometimes
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    hehehe ......oh yeah i can try there hehe....anyways..........sup Graeme!'s that ibook??? aren't MACs GrEAT??!?????! hehehehhehehe

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