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Thread: Any advice on 240v to 120v conversion

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    Any advice on 240v to 120v conversion
    Hello everyone,

    My lady friend here has a big frown on her face. She's looking at a blank screen on her g3. We can't seem to convert the 240v to 120v power. We shipped her system from Australia to California. We're stumped as to how to successfully do this conversion without blowing up :eek: her precious system.

    BTW we are hooked in with a pc monitor. Does the monitor need to be mac as well?

    I'm a pc guy.... oblivious to the mac world... I have a feeling that's about to change.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Depending on the model - she got the manual? There may be a voltage conversion switch. Other then that you would need a voltage booster, or an adapter that connects to the laundry dryer connection which are often 220 for obvious reasons. Remember that here in the US the AC cycle is 60 hz unlike European 50, dunno what it is DownUnder

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    I notice on the back of the computer there is a plug and a socket. Plug says 100-120v and socket is for 220v. So I've plugged into 120v, I get a brief power up then it shuts down ( 2-3 seconds then off she goes ). Quite frustrating!

    I found the conversion switch, and it is set properly.

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    Here are the PDF manuals for the various Power Mac G3 models. Voltage switch information is on the page indicated.

    For a Blue & Wite G3 tower Manual (PDF) See page 18

    For a Beige G3 minitower Manual See page 3

    For a Beige G3 desktop Manual See page 4

    Couldn't find one for the (rarely seen) G3 All-in-one.

    FYI, Other Apple manuals can be found here.

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    Thanks for your responses... The manual was helpful (nope she didn't have a manual).Yet, it just confirms that everything is set properly from our end. I am aware of the different plugs, sockets, ports etc and their functions.

    I wonder why the power just shuts down....

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    Take it to an Apple store, if you have one close.

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