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    I got an ibook (and I love it!)
    yeah, well I been using linux ever since I got my own pc ( Febuary 2002), I used to use windows before that, but I didn't like its philosophy. The opensource world was a 'tedious' relief, with me surfing through several distro's (and wasting some of the most important years of my life) i finally ended up using Suse. I think my favourite distro was gentoo, but it took too much time to maintain.

    I guess I've always liked macs, my school has always used them, and I used to like the rainbow apples on the pretty curvy beige boxes (in the physics lab). The year we got imacs was the year I got my computer (I paid for this one by working in a hardware store), and how I wished I had waited. OS X was simply amazing, and I think I found out about linux through searching for mac substitutes for the pc. One of my friends started me off with slackware, which is a very nice distro, but I wanted to do more work, and lest configuration. I guess I went for harder distros like LFS and gentoo, until deciding to simplify, and getting suse. Games were never a problem, the only game I really like is warcraft III (can't wait till World of Warcraft!), and I managed to get it running smoothly under wine.

    The final stage was this year, when I saw the WWDC, I just had to get a mac. They had already implemented so many awesome features that opensource software couldn't provide, and the new spotlight feature was awesome! (I must say its kinda like a souped up version of locate, a *nix commandline search tool that uses a file database/index, but as always apple made it better than ever). The day I saw this I made a deal with my parents to paint the house in exchange for an ibook (the labor would have cost them $4000).

    I'm so glad I finally have this ibook, and the amount of software it came with was amazing, considering most of it was non-free, unlike linux. Garageband is great, but I musst say my favourite app is Xcode, this makes it easy for anyone to write software, and have a cool interface, someething which no other os can offer. I think that's the final part that made me switch, the great developer community apple has.

    Jeez, now I feel daft for typing so much, ah well, hope you didn't fall asleep. :p

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    Congratulations on your new iBook, and welcome to MAC-FORUMS.

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    congrats on the purchase man.....i'm in the same boat as you are! hehehe.....aren't Macs great!! i understand the happiness a mac user feels ......ahhh damn....waited too long for this...but i'm glad i did it with OS X ....cuz i don't really like os 9 hehee........

    and by the way....Powerbooks RULE! YEAH baby!!

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    Yay for you and your iBook. That was my first Mac also
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    Congrats!!!!!! Do you still have a PC to fall back on or did you risk the lot???

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    thanks all, this sure is a great community

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    oh yeah, I gave my pc to my sister, so I guess I still have it but I can't really use it..., its not worth it anyway, if you're gonna get a mac don't worry about risking a pc, just burn all your stuff to cd/dvd first (I borrowed a maxtor250g form mums work to help with the transfer).

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    Congratz on your iBook. My switch to Mac has been all joy. This is like the best Linux with the best GUI and a proper CLI too!

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