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    The Conversion rate continues
    The eMac my family ordered arrive on Monday of this week, but I was only able to open it and set it up for them today. At first I was worried that the computer had been damaged as one of the corners of the delivery box was damaged. To my relief the eMac had more cushioning then a gigantic cushiony thing.

    The installation of the eMac stand was easy, although caused alarm as the computer with the added height nearly banged into a fixed shelf above the computer desk. Thankfully though there was a 2cm gap. With the eMac sat upon the desk I set about hooking it up to our printer and outdated ADSL USB modem.

    Both installation CDs were useless as the drivers were designed for OS 9. A frantic search on Google on another computer later I had both drivers. With the printer and modem working I set about tinkering with the Network setup so that Safari could dial out on the modem. However there in lay the problem. I had experienced the same problem before, and regrettably I could not remember what the technician said.

    The problem was that it could not connect with the PPP server. :confused:

    Despite the lack of internet I sat back and marvelled at a machine I took less than 30 minutes to unpack, go through the installation procedure and attach other pieces of equipment to it. Macintosh is truly wonderful. I could literally plug and play rather than pray! And so with that in mind I explored Panther.

    Being able to play on Panther for a while made me realise just how much I am missing out on by using Jaguar. I was tempted before to hold out for Tiger, but now I have had a change of heart. The next investment for my PowerBook will be an OS upgrade.

    For now though I turn my sights to a wireless network with a constantly on ADSL connection. A pipe-dream? With Macintosh I will be finished before I have even started!

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    Which UK ISP are you using?

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    Well some people would just install panther off the emac's disk?

    They would argue since you are planning on buying tiger anyway that you could maybe use it for the interim period...

    But i say: no. Go and buy it. seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Which UK ISP are you using?
    I found out the soruce of my problem... the ADSL modem. It was never tested by BT for computers higher than the origianal OS X. Hence it will occasionally work with computers beyond OS 10.2 but not 10.3. I have solved this problem by buying a ADSL modem router. Hopefully though I will be able to setup a home network using the Apple Base Station. Although at present I am unable to do so due to a faulty '8' lead, and I am unable to go out and buy one because no-one stocks white/grey/Apple colour '8' leads.

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    Just to let you know: you can buy a wireless ADSL router from BT, I believe it's 802.1g. Buy that and you won't need a AirPort Base Station, just some AirPort Extreme cards in your Macs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iSheep
    Just to let you know: you can buy a wireless ADSL router from BT, I believe it's 802.1g. Buy that and you won't need a AirPort Base Station, just some AirPort Extreme cards in your Macs.
    Yeah I could have done that... but then I would be giving more money to BT and probably paying over the odds for the ADSL wireless modem router. So instead I bought a Netgear and now I am going to hook up the Airport Extreme Base station. Had I not had the base station I would have bought just one system.

    Thanks for the suggestion though

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