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Thread: changing the default to open office files

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    changing the default to open office files
    I put in my 30 day trial for ms office and decided not to buy. Boy did that feel good...Now when I try to open my files, I get an error because it tries to open the files with Ms office apps. I know I can open them with my other office apps with an "open with", but how do I change the default so that it will open the files with the apps I want?

    Any help would be great.

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    Right click on a document and select Get Info. Look for the tab that says Open With. Select your program from the drop down menu and then hit the Change All button.

    Do this for every document type (most likely it's just Word and Excel files, so you'll only have to do this twice).

    Be sure to remove the Office 2004 trial to save some space.

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    This only works for files I already have in Documents. If I download a pdf to my desktop, from an Internet site or whatever, it opens in Preview, until I save it to Documents and change it in Get Info....

    Can this be changed so that any pdf I open will open with Acrobat?

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    Word Excel etc default open
    Uninstall the trial versions and then delete the preference files

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