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    My Macbook working with my PC
    Hi guys, I'm a MAC Virgin!

    I currently have a Desktop PC at home and it's time to get a new laptop. And I've been seduced by the Mac's so want to get a Macbook!

    The only thing is, for my life to be stress free I need my Macbook to be in Syunc with my PC. What I mean by this is, if I had a PC Laptop, through breifcase or off line files - the PC could detect any files that haev been updated and make sure both the PC and Laptop are in Sync. A bit like Active Sync for my IPaq I suppose.

    I know it won't be an as standard bit of kit but just wondered if it's possible. Also this would need to work with Outlook and itunes.

    If anyone could help me would mostly appreciate it because it's just the hanging decision before I make my purchase!

    Many Thanks

    Gav from Hertfordshire UK

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    I use rsync for this, over a SSH tunnel. There are loads of tutorials and some GUI programs to make it easier, but it's a good way of backup up over a network while only copying things that have changed.

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    thanks - and that works well for PCs

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