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    Buy Now - Leopard Upgrade Later?
    Ok, I was really hoping to wait until October (after Leopard came out) before I would purchase a macbook (I'm making the switch from windows to mac). However, I've recently been having some issues with my current laptop (random shutdowns, screen will suddenly turn off without warning), and the cost to repair just doesn't make sense if I'm going to be switching to a new computer in 2 months.

    My question is, if I buy a new macbook now with Tiger and install Leopard in October, how will that affect the current files I already own? Would I have to uninstall everything first and start fresh? Or is it really more like adding an expansion pack to a game, where I can keep all my files and everything on the computer and just add Leopard onto it after?

    I really hope it's easy to make the switch cuz I don't think I can go to school for two months with my laptop in its current state and I REALLY want Leopard!!

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    Leopard, if its like the other osx upgrades will install easily over the old system and let you keep your preferences and your personal files intact while still providing the new features and behind the scenes stability.
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    That is SUPER awesome!! Thanks for the quick reply!

    I just realized that if I buy now I get a free iPod Nano, and I've already got a 30GB Video iPod so I can just sell this new Nano, and then Leopard will be practically nothing with a student discount! This is really great news!

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    Another question...what about Bootcamp?

    With Tiger its the beta version, but Leopard will have the "final" version, should I worry about that? Or should I just wait to instal Windows XP (for a few programs that I will use and need that I can't use on OSX) after I have Leopard as well?

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