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    How to Remove a Program?
    Hi, I'm a Windows -> Mac switcher.

    How exactly do you completely remove a program in the Mac OS?

    Back at Windows, we just used Control Panel -> Add/Remove program, select program and remove >_>;

    Oh, and another thing, can I control where I install my files? Because it's hard to trace the folder where a specific program is installed, it's sort of annoying...

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    Just drag the application to the trash... done!

    You can control where you install files.. I would suggest keeping all the Applications in the "Applications" folder though.

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    There is also a free program call AppDelete, that will locate any extra little files that some installs create, and will get rid of them too.

    But for the most part, drag an App into Applications to run it, drag it out of applications into the trash, empty the trash to delete it.



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    If you go to macupdate or versiontracker and search for uninstallers there will be a lot of apps to choose from. One of the most popular uninstallers is Appzapper...unfortunately that one is shareware but supposed to be very good. If you are a new switcher I suggest using an uninstaller...I did too and I am still using one because I try out a lot of new software and am Windows damaged so I really like the idea of an uninstaller

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    For the apps that were installed through drag 'n' drop (90% of apps):

    Drag it to the Trash. Empty Trash.

    For the apps that were installed using an installer:

    Run the installer again, and see if there's an uninstall option.

    Or if there is an uninstaller that came with the app, use the uninstaller.

    If not, then drag it to the Trash. Empty Trash.
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